Sunday, December 03, 2006

Captain / Polytechnic / Envy & Other Sins Birmingham Barfly Friday 1st December 2006

If ever a line up was arse about face, this was it. Local boys Envy & Other Sins simply blew the socks off both Polytechnic and Captain. This was the third time that I'd seen them and they have developed into a truly brilliant live band with clever, grown up lyrics, catchy choruses and oodles of energy. I love 'em! If ever a band deserved to break out of the nefarious 'Best Midlands' scene (nice one NME, now fuck off and patronise someone else) Envy & Other Sins should be it.

I don't really know what to say about Polytechnic. Nothing wrong with their vaguely West Coast vocal stylings and gentle melodies (they kept reminding me of that band that sang Santa Cruz you're not that far...The Thrills...thank you Google) but I couldn't detect anything about them that justified this week's NME single of the week (if you're detecting a little anti-NME sentiment you're most perceptive. It's still the best weekly music paper 'cos it's the only bloody one left. But it's now full of ads for mobile 'phone wallpaper - whatever the chuff that may be - and lonely hearts. I have a terrible feeling it's going to go - in the words of Smash Hits - 'down the dumper' before too long).

Headliners Captain were also ok. Frontline (which has been rereleased more times than a 17 year old with an asbo) was delivered competantly, but that's not what music is all about is it? A little like Deacon Blue, without the songs or Scottish anger shining through (listen to Dignity, then listen to Frontline and tell me I'm wrong...go on, I defy you). The keyboard player, Clare, annoyed me from the outset by pulling a hissy fit about her vocals not being high enough in her ear piece. Real bands don't need ear the following night's headliners showed...

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