Monday, November 27, 2006

Bromheads Jacket / Oxford Glamour Models Birmingham Barfly Wednesday 22nd November 2006

Hola! Naughty Baron has been neglecting his duties again. Tut tut. This blogging business takes ages though. I don't just dash this off in a quick five minutes you know...each word is torn from my soul like...oh who am I trying to kid?

Oxford Glamour Models - floppy fringed Suede-y in places but a lot harder...grrrrrr...Horrors-esque if you will...and who are you to argue? Listen to 'Kick Out the Grams' and you'll get flashes of early Bowie too. Go on...there..told you you would.

Bromheads Jacket - I knew this would be a moshy moshy kind of gig and the Jackets provided the perfect soundtrack for my well deserved battering at the hands, feet and heads of 'the kids'. If the bruises on my rib cage are anything to go by, if was a damn fine gig. As with most gigs that I go to, the majority of the people at the front knew every word. I, being a musical whore, knew snatches (stop snickering at the back), but they're such a damn catchy band that familiarity probably doesn't make much difference. I particularly liked their promise not to play Golden Arches and What, If's and Maybe's " 'cos they're shit"...only to play both tracks straight afterwards. Rock, and indeed, roll.

Will they become the 'next Arctic Monkeys' as predicted on this very site in March / April (well not this one, The Hearing Aid Mk1 - RIP)? Who knows. But they're one Jacket that you need to try on (who needs NME eh? This is gold, solid gold).

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