Saturday, October 21, 2006

Vincent Vincent and The Villains / Hafdis Huld / Second Son Rising Jug Of Ale 16th October 2006

The Baron has a hangover...nothing to do with this gig...blame the good people of Coldrice...hell YEAH! So let's keep this short and sweet. I will adopt a technique used by the venerable Mr H, here goes:

Hafdis Huld - Icelandic pop queen in waiting, vocals as sweet as sugar, lyrics as dark as a dark room is to a blind man. Majestic. Listen to Ski Jumper and you'll fall in love.

Second Son Rising (can't find a link or any mention of them that's rock n'roll) - Brummie rock/metal group who rocked as rockingly as Ozzie on a rocking horse.

Vincent Villain and the Villains - 50's tinged rock-pop-abilly who's just signed to EMI. Oodles of energy, bags of cool and lashings of 'winkle pickers'. Stonkingly good.

There. Short and sweet!


kabir said...

hi nice review, but the reason as to why you cannot find a link anywhere is because the name is second SUN rising.

Baron said...

Thanks Kabir! Balls up duly noted. I've put a link to your My Space site on a new posting too.